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In these engaging video and creative activities, our children will understand the power of words. They will witness the impact of gossip and rumors and learn how to replace hurtful words with helpful words.

The concepts in this lesson covered in the video and activities are:

 • Words have energy, and they have the power to hurt or to heal.

 • Once words are out there, it is hard to take them back.

 • Our True Voice always guides us to do what's right for us and others.

 • We are more powerful than our emotions and words. 


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In this lesson, Joy and sir Instagram learn how easily we become mean or dishonest when we feel upset or insecure, and we can quickly use hurtful words and spread rumors that can cause irreversible damage.

Joy understands that words have power and sometimes are hard to control; however, she also learns that she has more power over her words when she pauses, breathes, and listens to the guidance of her True Voice. 
Join LB, Joy, and Sir Instagram to help our children learn more about the power of words and what they can do to avoid hurting themselves and others.

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