How to help our children understand THE POWER OF WORDS

to know the difference between hurtful and helpful words and how our words shape our inner and outer world.

We read words, talk with words, text words, think and dream with words, and listen to words all day long.

Words have an enormous effect on our lives, brains, and well-being. Words can wound or heal us, uplift or crush us down. 
Yet, how much attention and intention do we put into our words?

And how can we help our children understand the power of words and protect them from hurting others and getting hurt by them? 

It is not an easy task, but the more we learn to be selective with the words we speak and listen to, the more freedom, and peace we find in our relationship with others and ourselves.



Meet Michal Berg

As President and CEO of Spirituality For Kids International, a certified parenting coach, and a mother of five perfectly imperfect human beings, I’ve come to see parenting as a transformational journey, both for our children and us as parents. As we parent our children, we also have the opportunity to grow up, to let go of old patterns and learn how to communicate consciously and build a deep connection with our children.

Thank you for your courage and desire to be the best parent you can be. It would be my honor and a great privilege to be alongside you on this journey.