How to divert my energy from trying to change my children to becoming the person they are inspired by.

Do you ever find yourself in a frustrating loop of trying to change something in your children that you know can help them, make their lives easier, or support their well-being, but with no success?

Do you ever wish your children could think, feel and behave differently? So your role as a parent will be less daunting? So you could worry less?

Do you know that it is possible to create change without changing others?

Since we have no power or control over anyone besides ourselves, join me to explore how to become free and peaceful without changing our children; and maybe even inspire them.


Meet Michal Berg

As President and CEO of Spirituality For Kids International, a certified parenting coach, and a mother of five perfectly imperfect human beings, I’ve come to see parenting as a transformational journey, both for our children and us as parents. As we parent our children, we also have the opportunity to grow up, to let go of old patterns and learn how to communicate consciously and build a deep connection with our children.

Thank you for your courage and desire to be the best parent you can be. It would be my honor and a great privilege to be alongside you on this journey.