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Our award-winning online Spiritual Social-Emotional Education Program includes two levels of learning: Winning in the Game of Life™ and Exploring the Journey of Life™. The program is designed for children ages 8-12 and is proven to improve their behavior and outlook on life from the comfort of your home.

Would you rather someone else teach your children? No problem! We can match you with an SFK Certified Facilitator! Learn more here

We also offer teachers and professionals our Certification Program, which equips them with the best educational practices and certifies them to facilitate our program to groups effectively.

Our Parenting course, Parenting the soul, takes parents on a personal journey to discover their parenting manual within and offer insights and easy, practical tools on how to best support their children while practicing self-love and self-care.

To support families in these trying times, SFK Programs are with 

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In Level One - Winning in The Game of Life, your child will learn the rules of The Game of Life. They will understand and learn how to manage their emotions while gaining the skills to boost their confidence, ignite their compassion for others, and much more.
In Level Two - Exploring the Journey of Life, your child will go on a whole new adventure traveling through a variety of exciting worlds where they will learn to live by their inner compass, set goals, understand cause and effect, the power of their words, and much more.

Would you rather someone else teach your children? No problem! We can match you with an SFK Certified Facilitator! Learn more here

SFK Certification Program

In this 4-Module Certification Course, you will receive everything you need to know to bring these life-changing lessons to children in your community.
Learning on your own time and at your own pace, you will get cutting-edge educational best practices and lesson-by-lesson tips and guidelines so that you can successfully guide the new generation to a brighter future.

Parenting The Soul is an evergreen online course with Michal Berg that takes you on a beautiful journey of self-reflection and uncovering the loving, compassionate, and resilient parent that you are! 
You will get practical tools, tips and learn how to let go of old patterns.
Michal always says: "Our family is our school of life and our opportunity to grow up." So don't miss out on learning with Michal how to have a less stressful and more loving relationship with yourself and your children.

Watch previous Parenting Support Group Sessions

Log in for FREE to a collection of recordings from live sessions with Michal and parents from around the world. You will find various topics that every parent can relate to and use the inspiration and the practical tools Michal offers.


Private Parenting Coaching Sessions

Besides being the CEO and president of SFK, Michal is also a professional parenting coach that takes on a limited number of parents to coach one on one. So don't miss this opportunity to meet with her to get personalized support and go deeper in your quest for healthier family dynamics. 
Michal's passion is to empower parents to uncover and connect with their intuition, power, and love to create a healthy and peaceful environment for their families. 

Book today a Free 30-minute introduction session with Michal to explore working together:

RAND recognizes SFK for highly effective outcomes in an independent study.