Our Programs

Our award-winning online Spiritual Social-Emotional Education Program includes two levels of learning: Winning in the Game of Life™ and Exploring the Journey of Life™. The program is designed for children ages 8-12 and is proven to improve their behavior and outlook on life.

We also offer teachers and professionals our Certification Program, which equips them with the best educational practices and certifies them to facilitate our program to groups effectively.

Our Parenting course, Parenting the soul, takes parents on a personal journey to discover their parenting manual within and offer insights and easy, practical tools on how to best support their children while practicing self-love and self-care.

To support families in these trying times, SFK Programs are with a discounted price from 30% to 60%. Check coupon code on each page.

Course Catalog

RAND recognizes SFK for highly effective outcomes in an independent study.